Tongbu Cracked Apps & Games For Iphone IDevice NO JAILBREAK

(IOS (iPad/iPhone))

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Not jailbreak installed Genuine
No escape, genuine games, applications, free installation. New games 
the first time the shelves, free first play!

Regularly clean up the garbage iPhone, rational use of effective 
space, keep the equipment running smooth.

Personalized operator logo
Jailbreak iPhone carrier not change the icons to get your hands 
machine more features. Download a variety of carriers to provide material.

Backup and restore
Full backup device text messages, photos, contacts, and with 
configuration information and other data, a key to restore after flashing, no longer have to 
worry about data lost.

Micro-channel chats
View and export for iOS micro-channel chats, important information 
will be lost. Provide search functionality chats, more square 
then finishing.

Ringtone Maker
Want nice mp3 ringtones, you can make your own. And then 
do not have the popular marimba music as ringtones.

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