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In the singularly titled "Gayniggers From Outer Space," Cpt. B. Dick and his crew of gay crusaders from the planet Anus, a member in good standing of the Federation of Gay Planets, happen upon a remote and primitive world called Earth, whose surface is inexplicably covered with dangerous "female creatures." Anything at all could be going on down there, perhaps even the dreaded "kissing" our heroes have read about! For the sake of Earth's men, the Gayniggers decide to dispose of the female creatures and show the planet the error of its ways.

This isn't a comedy as you would usually expect to find one; you can't sit down alone and expect to be entertained much by it. This is the sort of thing that you need to get a few friends together for (preferably numbering no female creatures among them), so you can all sit around and laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all: at the pocket-change sets and special effects, at the ship computer's Speak&Spell voice, at the impossible characters, and of course, simply at the fact that someone actually created a film called "Gayniggers From Outer Space."

Interleave (in ms):                             42          
Preload (in ms):                                522      
Audio alignment("split across interleaves"):    Split        
Total System Bitrate (kbps):                    0            
Bytes Missing (if any):                         0            
Number of Audio Streams:                        1      
--- Video Information ---                                                      
Video Codec Type(e.g. "DIV3"):                  XVID              
Video Codec Name(e.g. "DivX 3, Low-Motion"):    XviD 1.0.0          
Duration (hh:mm:ss):                            27:38.852                
Frame Count:                                    39773            
Frame Width (pixels):                           448                  
Frame Height (pixels):                          240                  
Storage Aspect Ratio("SAR")"                    1.867                    
Pixel Aspect Ratio ("PAR"):                     1.000                    
Display Aspect Ratio ("DAR"):                   1.867                      
Frames Per Second:                              23.976          
Pics Per Second:                                23.976            
Video Bitrate (kbps):                           525                
MPEG-4 ("MPEG-4" or ""):                        MPEG-4                  
B-VOP ("B-VOP" or ""):                          B-VOP            
Quality Factor (bits/pixel)/frame:              0.204"                    
--- Audio Information ---                                                      
MPEG Stream ID (e.g. "0xbd"):                            
MPEG VOB file Substream(e.g. "0x80"):                  
Audio Codec (e.g. "AC3"):                       0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3                  
Audio Codec Status (e.g. "Codec Is Installed"): Codec(s) are Installed            
Audio Sample Rate (Hz):                         44100            
Audio Bitrate(kbps):                            112                
Audio Bitrate Type ("CBR" or "VBR"):            CBR            
Audio Channel Count (e.g. "2" for stereo):      1          
Preload (in ms):                                504      
Audio alignment("split across interleaves"):    Aligned        
Total System Bitrate (kbps):                    0            
Bytes Missing (if any):                         0            
Number of Audio Streams:                        1

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