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I downloaded this torrent from another site, it was the only DVD rip I could find of season 2 that might be uncensored.  My connection is really slow, but when I do finish downloading it I will leave a comment on here to let everybody else know if it is censored or not.

The DVD for season 2 just came out March 16th and this torrent was uploaded to another torrent site a few days after that date, so that makes me think this is an actual DVD rip and should be uncensored.

If any of you finish downloading this before me, let us all know if it is uncensored or not in the comment section, thanks!


According to DAKK this is censored, so if you want to watch it without any "beeps" try to find an uncensored DVD rip.  I couldn't find any and I was hoping this was uncensored.

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