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Parted Magic is a Linux distribution primarily aimed at disk partitioning and duplication, file system manipulation, and data recovery and destruction. To that end it includes several open source tools such as parted, gparted, partclone, clonezilla, ddrescue, and secure delete, among others.


824e2c5c7701af459d4332ca658bbbf9 *pmagic_2018_03_27.iso
71e05ae47c7514066979b16aecbc983f *pmagic_pxe_2018_03_27.tar.gz

NOTE: For those incapable of figuring out why my releases are larger than those by other people: It is because I release the complete Parted Magic package, including the PXE files. Like it says on the PM website, if you don't know what PXE is, then you don't need the PXE file.

Parted Magic 2018_03_27 News

This version of Parted Magic features new desktop wallpaper, Linux Kernel 4.15.11, GParted 0.31.0, and the typical updates you would expect. WxPython3 was added to improve the look and feel of the updated Ddrescuegui 1.7.2. Guymager-0.8.7 and Veracrypt-1.21 have also been updated. A lot of work went into this release so we hope you find it useful and a joy to use.

See the changelog for a complete list of updated programs.



Patrick Verner has decided to take this project commercial without any provision for non-profit or low-income individuals. While I applaud his recent creation of a student version, $49 per year is almost twice what some commercial partition/disk utilities go for. While it is true that Parted Magic offers more functionality, it is all via the work of others and without support, while the commercial offerings come with support.
In order to insure access to this excellent product for low-income individuals and non-profits, I am dedicating myself to purchasing this software and insuring it is available to these users. In this spirit, please, if you can afford this software, then purchase it

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