Walt Disney Treasures - The Chronological Donald Duck

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Most of the Donald Duck cartoons from 1934 to 1961 are here in two versions. The first one has MP4 videos of all 117 cartoons released by Disney. The second one is a four-part VOB version which emanated from the Walt Disney Treasures DVDs and thus includes bonus features. However, as pointed out in Wikipedia, three Chip 'n' Dale solo shorts have been left out. Also left out are three later educational featurettes - from 1965: "Donald's Fire Survival Plan" and "Steel and America", and from 1967: "Scrooge McDuck and Money", which featured Uncle Scrooge for the first time in a starring role in animation. He had previously only appeared in the opening title sequence of The Mickey Mouse Club. The cartoon "Bee on Guard" is missing the last 5 seconds of footage for reasons unknown. Recently, Disney has started issuing replacement discs correcting this error.


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