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Alone is a ten-episode series that is the country's boldest and longest survival experiment ever captured for television. It places ten hardcore survivalists alone in the Vancouver Island wilderness - no camera crew, no teams, no producers - on a single mission to stay alive. At stake is $500,000 awarded to the person who can last the longest. They will face extreme isolation and psychological distress as they plunge into the unknown, self-documenting their experience.

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Episode Guide
S01E01 And So It Begins
S01E02 Of Wolf and Man
S01E03 The Talons of Fear
S01E04 Stalked
S01E05 Winds of Hell
S01E06 Rain of Terror
S01E07 The Hunger
S01E08 The Freeze
S01E09 Brokedown Palace
S01E10 Triumph
S01E11 After the Rescue
S02E01 Once More Unto the Breach
S02E02 The Knife's Edge
S02E03 The Beasts of Night
S02E04 Hunger's Grip
S02E05 Storm Rising
S02E06 Adrift
S02E07 Trial by Fire
S02E08 The Ascent
S02E09 The Madness
S02E10 The Gamble
S02E11 Winter's Fury
S02E12 Into the Abyss
S02E13 The End Game
S03E01 A New Land
S03E02 First Blood
S03E03 Eternal Darkness
S03E04 Outfoxed
S03E05 The Lone Wolf
S03E06 Along Came a Spider
S03E07 Hungry Beasts
S03E08 Of Feast & Famine
S03E09 The Point of No Return
S03E10 Day 87
S03E11 Season 3 Reunion
S04E01 Divide and Conquer
S04E02 Hell on Earth
S04E03 Margin of Error
S04E04 The Last Mile
S04E05 Double or Nothing
S04E06 Thicker Than Water
S04E07 Hooked
S04E08 Flare-Up
S04E09 My Brother's Keeper
S04E10 Flesh and Blood
S04E11 Tales from the Island
S05E01 Redemption
S05E02 The Haunting
S05E03 The Serpent
S05E04 Mongolia's Wrath
S05E05 The Bowels of Hell
S05E06 Of Mice and Men
S05E07 Desperate Measures
S05E08 Slayer II
S05E09 Starvation's Shadow
S05E10 Cold War
S05E11 Season 5 Reunion Special
S05E12 Icebreaker
S06E01 Tainted
S06E02 Up In Flames
S06E03 The Moose
S06E04 The Kill
S06E05 Ablaze
S06E06 Night Raider

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