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Ax Men

For more than a hundred years, larger than life characters, many of whom are members of logging families who go back to the time when the West was being settled, have spent their days among towering trees and powerful machines and their nights in outposts far from the comforts of civilization. Ax Men tells their remarkable story, detailing the history of the logging industry and how technology has transformed life for today's logger, while the struggle of man versus nature stays the same. Danger is a full-time job, as these brave men put everything on the line each and every day to retrieve timber. Snapped cables, runaway logs and razor-sharp chainsaws are just some of the dangers that threaten their lives daily. Even with new technology that should make the job easier, it all boils down to the toughness and perseverance of the logging crews. Anything and everything can and does go wrong. Not everyone will survive, but those who do will earn their place in a long line of men who call themselves Ax Men.

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Episode Guide
S01E01 Man vs. Mountain
S01E02 Risk and Reward
S01E03 Storm Season Strikes
S01E04 The Big Hit
S01E05 Market Meltdown
S01E06 Reversal of Fortune
S01E07 The Close Call
S01E08 Loggers Under Fire
S01E09 A Logger's Thanksgiving
S01E10 Black Friday
S01E11 Storm of the Century
S01E12 Picking Up the Pieces
S01E13 The Final Haul
S02E01 Ax Men Cometh
S02E02 Initiation Day
S02E03 By Air, Land and Sea
S02E04 Moby Dick Strikes
S02E05 The King Crumbles
S02E06 Lost in the Fog
S02E07 One Weak Link
S02E08 The Ax Falls
S02E09 Fresh Meat
S02E10 Clash of the Titans
S02E11 The Reckoning (1)
S02E12 The Reckoning (2)
S03E01 Ax to Grind
S03E02 Deeper Into the Swamp
S03E03 Diving for Dollars
S03E04 Boiling Point
S03E05 Surviving the Swarm
S03E06 Showdown
S03E07 Chopping Block
S03E08 Assault by Air
S03E09 Crash and Burn
S03E10 Curse of Kalina
S03E11 End of the Line
S03E12 Eleventh Hour
S03E13 King of the Mountain
S04E01 Alaska
S04E02 Sink or Swim
S04E03 Day from Hell
S04E04 Manhunt
S04E05 Battle for Survival
S04E06 Judgement Day
S04E07 Under Fire
S04E08 Overboard
S04E09 Lock & Load
S04E10 Fallout Zone
S04E11 Tipping Point
S04E12 King of the Hill
S04E13 Fraying at the Edges
S04E14 This Means War
S04E15 The Mouth from the South
S04E16 Blast Off
S04E17 Man Down
S04E18 Final Countdown
S04E19 Fever Pitch
S04E20 Down to the Wire
S05E01 Ax is Back
S05E02 Damage Control
S05E03 No Pain, No Gain
S05E04 Hell Hole
S05E05 Cowboy Up
S05E06 Fists of Fury
S05E07 Wake-up Call
S05E08 Out of Control
S05E09 Rygaard vs. Rygaard
S05E10 Down & Dirty
S05E11 Let 'Er Rip
S05E12 Burning the Bear
S05E13 Where's Willy
S05E14 Falling Apart
S05E15 Up in Flames
S05E16 Family Rivalry
S05E17 Swamp Gold
S05E18 Up in Smoke
S05E19 Betting It All
S05E20 The Ax Stops Here
S06E01 All or Nothing
S06E02 We're Not Alone
S06E03 Sabotage
S06E04 Put Up or Shut Up
S06E05 Cage Match
S06E06 Flipping Logzilla
S06E07 Rock Slide
S06E08 Shelby's New Toy
S06E09 Gators & Hand Grenades
S06E10 Goldmine
S06E11 The Hurricane Hits
S06E12 Calling It Quits
S06E13 The Aftermath
S06E14 Unlucky Charm
S06E15 Slippery Slope
S06E16 Hell or High Water
S06E17 The Final Straw
S06E18 Risking It All
S06E19 In Too Deep
S06E20 Fight to the Finish Line
S07E01 Axes and Allies
S07E02 Pain in the Ax
S07E03 Burying the Hatchet
S07E04 Out on a Limb
S07E05 Swamp Man Sabotage
S07E06 Large Barge
S07E07 Father Knows Best
S07E08 A Frayed Knot
S07E09 Log Jam
S07E10 Logger Down
S07E11 Bombs Away
S07E12 Who'll Stop the Reign?
S07E13 Ax Marks the Spot
S07E14 End of a Legend
S07E15 Dog Days
S07E16 Albie Damned
S07E17 Tooth and Nail
S07E18 Battle Ax
S07E19 Trucked Up
S07E20 Cutting It Close
S08E01 Logged and Loaded
S08E02 Falling Fast
S08E03 Failure to Communicate
S08E04 The Swampman Cometh
S08E05 Hire Wire Act
S08E06 The Log and Winding Road
S08E07 Swamp Man Boogie
S08E08 Teepee of Death
S08E09 Old Log, New Tricks
S08E10 All's Fair in Loggin' War
S08E11 Don't Cross the Boss
S08E12 Davi and Goliath
S08E13 Warrior's Fate
S08E14 Log Runners
S08E15 Cuts Like a Knife
S08E16 Fall of a Legend
S08E17 Rock Bottom
S08E18 Great Logs of Fire
S08E19 All Hands on Deck
S08E20 Axpocalypse
S09E01 Shelby Strikes Back
S09E02 Shelby Gets Schooled
S09E03 Life & Limb
S09E04 Sloppy Joe
S09E05 Family Tree
S09E06 Madman of the Mountain
S09E07 Root Canal
S09E08 Rygaard's Revenge
S09E09 Log Eat Log
S09E10 Every Log Has Its Day
S09E11 Getting a Leg Up
S09E12 Take This Log and Shove It
S09E13 Reunited and It Feels Like Wood
S09E14 Back in Black
S09E15 All Hail the King
S10E01 Back to the Woods
S10E02 A Legend Returns
S10E03 Uphill Battle

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