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Crisis on Infinite Earths - The Absolute Edition
Publisher:  DC Comics
Publication Date:  November 16, 2005

Writers:  Paul Levitz, Alan Moore, Marv Wolfman, and Mark Waid
Pencillers:  Neal Adams, Murphy Anderson, Michael Bair, Eduardo Barreto, Stephen Bissette, Brian Bolland, Nick Cardy, Howard Chaykin, Ernie Colón, Gene Colan, Denys Cowan, Paris Cullins, José Luis, García-López, Keith Giffen, Klaus Janson, Joe Kubert, Greg LaRocque, Steve Lightle, Shawn McManus, Glen Orbik, Jerry Ordway, George Pérez, Alex Ross, Val Semeiks, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Staton, Curt Swan, Mike Zeck, J.J. Birch, Michael Clark, Dan Jurgens, Rafael Kayanan, Jack Kirby, Luke McDonnell, Todd McFarlane, and Kurt Schaffenberger
Inkers:   Neal Adams, Alfredo Alcala, Murphy Anderson, Michael Bair, Eduardo Barreto, Brian Bolland, Nick Cardy, Howard Chaykin, Ernie Colón, José Luis García-López, Dick Giordano, Klaus Janson, Joe Kubert, Steve Lightle, Shawn McManus, Steve Montano, Glen Orbik, Jerry Ordway, George Pérez, Bruce Patterson, Prentis Rollins, Alex Ross, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Staton, Romeo Tanghal, John Totleben, Bill Wray, John Beatty, Rafael Kayanan, Mike Machlan, Larry Mahlstedt, Gary Martin, Mike Royer, and Kurt Schaffenberger
Cover Color:  Tom Smith
Finished by:  Mike DeCarlo, Dick Giordano, Jerry Ordway, and George Pérez
Layouts:  George Pérez

Worlds lived. Worlds died. And the DC Universe was never the same!

In 1985, DC Comics dramatically altered comics' original universe with CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, a 12-issue series that rocked the comics community, tragically dooming some of DC's most beloved characters and drastically altering others. Written by Marv Wolfman and pencilled by George Pérez, with inks by Dick Giordano, Jerry Ordway and Mike DeCarlo, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS finds the alternate worlds that once were a hallmark of the DC Universe under siege by a mysterious force powerful enough to wipe out the lives of billions.

Now this landmark series gets the star treatment in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: THE ABSOLUTE EDITION — an oversized slipcased set containing two hardcover books. The 368-page Book One includes the full 12-issue maxiseries (which was painstakingly restored and meticulously recolored in 1998), with an introduction by Marv Wolfman, afterword by Dick Giordano, and creator bios. George Pérez provides all-new art for the dustjacket. (Please note that the Monitor Tapes section from issue #10 will be shot from the original art for this issue and represented in its original form.)

The 96-page Book Two contains a compendium featuring the full behind-the-scenes story on the years-long making of the maxiseries complete with memos, notes, original plots and commentary from Marv Wolfman and Jerry Ordway; the Official Index to Crisis and Official Index to Crisis Crossovers being reprinted for the very first time, completely updated; a look into post-Crisis events and aftermath stories, how the Superboy/Legion conundrum was solved, and a look at the 20th anniversary of this seminal event. George Pérez provides all-new art for the dust jacket.

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