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Sim2 AIO (all all expansions, updates and languages, including SWEDISH)

This is the full game of Sims 2 with all expansion and service packs installed. Basically this unpacks the full game and makes the required reg keys. Thereby dodging a good 3 hour install with serial input. I didn't put in the reg keys for body shop. I've only tested this on two systems. An XP system and a Win7 system. It should work. If not, please report below.

This pack includes:

Apartment Life
Bon Voyage
Celebration Stuff
Family Fun Stuff
Glamour Life Stuff
H&M® Fashion Stuff
Happy Holiday Stuff
Holiday Party Pack
IKEA Home Stuff
Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff
Mansion and Garden Stuff
Open for Business
Teen Style Stuff

Thanks to:
My sister - Pestered the hell out of me to do this.
NSIS - It's the installer
Reg Plugin - I needed to mess with the registry for this to work.
EA Games - If it wasn't for your slave driving salaried employment tactics I wouldn't have to do this to begin with. Burn in hell. It's the developers that make your games, not your over paid CEO's.
FFF - Nice keygen, I hope you make more mass keygens.

This installs the game and an uninstaller. It also includes the needed Direct X drivers.

When installing, make sure to install it as Administrator as this does effect the registry. If the game still won't install stop the torrent and restart your computer.

-- Other Data --
NSIS Files -

Registry Plugin for NSIS -


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7.46 GiB (8013261568 Bytes)
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