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Blame! pronounced BLAM, like a gunshot. This is one of my favorite mangas, and you might read it a couple of times before understanding and/or put yourself fully into this masterpiece. This manga has also got a cultstatus cause of it dark and cybernetic atmosphere.

Genre: Sci-Fi, dark, cybernetic, voilence, blood, gore and all that.

Maybe on Earth, maybe in the future...

This is the first success and most well-known manga by Tsutomu Nihei. This manga got a main character named Killy, who got a Gravitational Beam Emitter, an extraordinary gun which can shoot through more than cardbords found in your backyard...

Killy is searching for the Net Terminal Gene, any human that doesn't have the NTG gets killed by Safeguards, and that's most of the human. If Killy doesn't find the NTG, all humanity will get extinct by the safeguards. Killy gets later a companion for his journey towards this fairly impossible mission...

I could have written alot more, but I don't wat to spoil the story for you guys;).

Nihei studied first architecture, and later it's shown up in his manga works with drawing huge structures.

Even though this was Niheis first manga, he got prequels(note:made after Blame!) and sequels to this magnificent work of art. He also got some oneshots, small stories and such, that I'll be uploading them later on.

Recommended listening while reading: Sybreed;)

DISCLAIMER: If you like this, go and buy it to support the authors and their work. Your help makes the authors continue their work;)

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