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Title: Counter-Strike
Genre: Action / First Person Shooter
Release year: 2000
Developer: Valve Software®
Publisher: Valve Corporation ™
Type of publication: RePack (Steam-Rip)
Localizer: Counter-Strike.Com.Ua
Languages: Russian *, English *
* Languages ​​with full audio support
Game modes: Multiplayer (Internet, local area network) / Single (bots)
Type: No Steam (No activation required)

Game description: The original Counter-Strike 1.6 with an innovative skins bootbreaker allows you to choose a skin of weapons, players, themes and other components (bots, crack) right in the bower. Now you do not have to look for a suitable game assembly, everything is assembled in one launcher for your convenience.
Counter-Strike is a cult-multiplayer first-person shooter that came out in the distant 2000 and still remains the most popular shooter and at the same time a serious professional tournament cyberdiscipline. The main idea of ​​the game: Confrontation of two teams - Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Purpose of the game: Complete the task of the map or destroy the enemy. For completed tasks and destroyed opponents, the player receives money that can be spent on the purchase of weapons, ammunition and equipment.
Depending on the type of card, the story of the game can be different:
Mine / demining: The terrorists are trying to make a terrorist attack by exploding a bomb in a certain place, Counter-Terrorists in turn should not allow an explosion, or eliminate all terrorists.
Rescuing hostages: Terrorists have captured and held hostages. Counter-Terrorists should release hostages, having conducted them in an evacuation zone.
Murder VIP: Terrorists try to kill a very important person (VIP). The task of Counter-Terrorists is to safely conduct a VIP in a safe zone.

Components of the installer:
- Counter-Strike 1.6 version:
   Protocol version 48
    Exe version (cstrike)
    Exe build: 16:05:41 Jun 15, 2009 (4554)
- CSXGuard protector
- Text Russifier
- Radio Russifier
- Chat locator
- Bots zBot 1.5
   - Russifier of radio bots
   - Bots nicknames
- Modernized theme
- Music in the menu
- Logos (227 pcs.)

All these items are not marked by default. That is, if you are installing, do not select these components, then you will have pure original Counter-Strike 1.6, without any unnecessary files and modifications.

Features of the assembly:
- Crystal clear assembly, based on the official content of Steam;
- Do not cut, not recoded;
- The game automatically adapts to the server protocol (47/48);
- Working function of adding the server to favorites;
- Half-Life Dedicated Server;
- Working multiplayer mode Half-Life;
- The latest zBot 1.5 bots;
- Fully Russified text;
- High-quality Russian voice acting radio;
- If you do not select components in the installer, there will be pure original Counter-Strike 1.6 as in Steam;
- Compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, 10;
- Without viruses and advertising

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266.66 MiB (279608996 Bytes)
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