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The Partridge Family Season 1
 Download File Size: 4.13 GB Files: 25 Timestamp: 2014-01-20 10:20:51
    1x01 What And Get Out of Show Business.avi  170.90 MB
    1x02 The Sound Of Money.avi  170.25 MB
    1x03 Whatever Happened to the Old Songs.avi  171.13 MB
    1x04 See Here, Private Partridge.avi  170.68 MB
    1x05 When Mother Gets Married.avi  168.28 MB
    1x06 Love at First Slight.avi  170.89 MB
    1x07 Danny and the Mob.avi  167.86 MB
    1x08 But the Memory Lingers On.avi  170.21 MB
    1x09 Did You Hear the One About Danny Partridge.avi  169.67 MB
    1x10 Go Directly to Jail.avi  170.00 MB
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David Cassidy & The Partridge Family ([email protected]) [FrankFoo]
 Download File Size: 147.91 MB Files: 30 Timestamp: 2015-08-09 12:31:49
    Artwork/Folder-500.jpg  56.44 KB
    Artwork/folder.jpg  131.28 KB
    Artwork/Partridge Back.jpg  358.29 KB
    Artwork/Partridge Front.jpg  131.28 KB
    Artwork/PF.jpg  131.28 KB
    CD/00. The Definitive Collection.m3u  2.07 KB
    CD/00. The Definitive Collection.nfo  2.52 KB
    CD/00. The Definitive Collection.pls  2.40 KB
    CD/01. I Think I Love You - The Partridge Family.mp3  6.87 MB
    CD/02. I Woke Up In Love This Morning - The Partridge Family.mp3  6.45 MB
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The Partridge Family Season 3
 Download File Size: 3.81 GB Files: 25 Timestamp: 2014-03-14 23:31:14
    3x01 This Male Chauvinist Piggy Went To Market.avi  155.53 MB
    3x02 M Is For The Many Things.avi  156.01 MB
    3x03 Princess And The Partridge.avi  155.96 MB
    3x04 Each Dawn I Diet.avi  155.71 MB
    3x05 A Penny For His Thoughts.avi  156.64 MB
    3x06 You're Only Young Twice.avi  153.25 MB
    3x07 The Mod Father.avi  155.38 MB
    3x08 A Likely Candidate.avi  155.55 MB
    3x09 Swiss Family Partridge.avi  154.47 MB
    3x10 Ain't Love Grand.avi  157.04 MB
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The Partridge Family - Season 4 [mp4]
 Download File Size: 7.22 GB Files: 22 Timestamp: 2013-12-31 00:07:38
    4x01 Hate Thy Neighbour.mp4  341.89 MB
    4x02 None But the Lonely.mp4  341.55 MB
    4x03 Beethoven, Brahms and Partridge.mp4  338.84 MB
    4x04 The Strike-out King.mp4  338.66 MB
    4x05 Reuben Kincaid Lives.mp4  339.64 MB
    4x06 Double Trouble.mp4  315.03 MB
    4x07 The Last Howard.mp4  320.32 MB
    4x08 The Diplomat.mp4  338.21 MB
    4x09 Heartbreak Keith.mp4  319.34 MB
    4x10 A Day of Honesty.mp4  339.63 MB
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 Download File Size: 3.58 GB Files: 4 Timestamp: 2016-05-20 16:41:28
    1.jpg  459.96 KB
    front.jpg  112.08 KB
    gush.not.the.bradys.bradys.meet.the.partridge.family.720p.nfo  8.83 KB
    gush.not.the.bradys.bradys.meet.the.partridge.family.mp4  3.58 GB

Faye Reagan from This Ain'tThe Partridge Family.mkv
 Download File Size: 697.48 MB Files: 1 Timestamp: 2015-02-01 07:26:05
    Faye Reagan from This Ain'tThe Partridge Family.mkv  697.48 MB

The Partridge Family Season 2
 Download File Size: 4.17 GB Files: 24 Timestamp: 2014-02-16 01:30:33
    2x01 Dora, Dora, Dora.avi  176.97 MB
    2x02 In 25 Words Or Less.avi  177.24 MB
    2x03 A Man Called Snake.avi  177.27 MB
    2x04 The Undergraduate.avi  178.71 MB
    2x05 Anatomy of a Tonsil.avi  178.76 MB
    2x06 Whatever Happened to Moby Dick.avi  175.08 MB
    2x07 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Partridge.avi  178.11 MB
    2x08 Days of Acne and Roses.avi  177.14 MB
    2x09 Tale of Two Hamsters.avi  176.85 MB
    2x10 The Forty-Year Itch.avi  177.12 MB
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The Partridge Family - Discography (320Kb)
 Download File Size: 629.15 MB Files: 101 Timestamp: 2008-04-07 07:47:53
    The Partridge Family - Album/01 - Brand New Me.mp3  6.02 MB
    The Partridge Family - Album/02 - Point Me in the ... n of Albuquerque.mp3  8.85 MB
    The Partridge Family - Album/03 - Bandala.mp3  5.68 MB
    The Partridge Family - Album/04 - I Really Want to Know You.mp3  6.84 MB
    The Partridge Family - Album/05 - Only a Moment Ago.mp3  5.99 MB
    The Partridge Family - Album/06 - I Can Feel Your Heartbeat.mp3  4.84 MB
    The Partridge Family - Album/07 - I'm on the Road.mp3  6.66 MB
    The Partridge Family - Album/08 - To Be Lovers.mp3  6.42 MB
    The Partridge Family - Album/09 - Somebody Wants to Love You.mp3  6.00 MB
    The Partridge Family - Album/10 - I Think I Love You.mp3  6.69 MB
   ... and more

 Download File Size: 694.24 MB Files: 3 Timestamp: 2013-01-21 22:27:42
    divxfactory-tatpf.avi  694.11 MB
    front.jpg  130.12 KB
    Powered by imagesnake.com.txt  61.00 B

 Download File Size: 694.11 MB Files: 1 Timestamp: 2013-03-07 23:10:13
    This.Aint.The.Partridge.Family.XXX.DVDRiP.XviD-DivXfacTory.avi  694.11 MB

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